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Mountain house
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If you want a good, nice and quiet place to rest then we recommend Gorski Kotar. More specifically, the Goat Top, near Čabra. There awaits a chalet, located at 920 meters above sea level, a remote area in almost untouched nature.

In summer and winter you can enjoy the dense forests, rivers, beautiful vistas and also wild animals which still live here. You can see wolves, wild boars, deer, bears, wild goats and lynxes. And while you rest on the terrace of your house, your eyes wander across the Kupa valley and on beautiful days around the Gorski Kotar you can also see Skrada. Great holidays await you in a beautiful and comfortably equipped chalet.

It can accommodate 8 people and is ideal for family vacations or enjoying the good company. The male part of the team will certainly enjoy the room with a pool table and a mini bar. If you do not feel like cooking, there is a nearby restaurant with local cuisine of this region. Try the venison stew with polenta, bajtarski strudel, Gorski pudding, čabranske trout, mushrooms and eggs, baked dormouse or dormouse stew, strudels and cakes with berries. At a nearby farm you can buy milk, cheese, fruits, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks prepared according to traditional recipes from ecologically grown fruit. Enjoy the taste of cottage cheese škripavac, liqueurs and wines from wild fruits, honey and mead ...

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